Since 1991 CityGreen Consulting has provided a wide range of services to help local governments manage their solid waste systems and comply with State regulations.


SB 1383 Programs

Prepare action plans, update solid waste ordinances and franchise agreements, develop technical assistance for waste generators, establish procurement policies, and set monitoring and reporting protocols are a sampling of SB 1383 related services we provide.


Waste Stream Analysis

We perform waste characterization and waste composition studies to help clients better understand their waste stream. We also provide route reviews to help monitor compliance or address and resolve contamination issues.


Franchise Management

We design and implement franchise hauler mangement programs that improve compliance and revenues through proprietary reporting and monitoring systems. We pioneered multiple-hauler franchised and have successfully managed them for decades. One for 30+ years!


System Optimization

We evaluate current services. Help determine Municipal versus Private. Provide performance reviews, recommendations, and new system development, including; hauler selection processes (RFP/RFQ), transitioning unregulated hauling into permit or franchise systems, temporary hauling management, and improving revenue generation.



We have performed hundreds of facility, agreement compliance, and franchise fee audits throughout the country. Making sure your landfill, material recovery facility, and franchised or permitted haulers are fulfilling their obligations, and resolving any issues we find is a cornerstone of our business.


CityGreen Connect

Our online resource provides clients the ability to run reports to track compliance, centralize implementation records, and analyze all components of your solid waste system from a convenient and intuitive dashboard.


Inspection & Enforcement

We provide field support to address issues and complaints related to solid waste services and regulatory compliance. We develop related ordinances, protocols, notices, reports, and maintain data to support City enforcement requirements.


Business Assistance

We have helped businesses large and small comply with State mandates and control costs since 1991, usually as an agent of local government. Some of the businesses and institutions we have worked with directly include the Irvine Company, Disneyland Resort, U.C. Irvine, and Cal State Los Angeles.


Grants & Special Programs

We have garnered millions of dollars in grant funds for clients, are familiar with new waste management technologies, managed edible food recovery programs, coordinate hazardous waste collections, and much more. Whatever your concern or interest, chances are we can help.

In most instances we generate significant cost savings for cities and municipalities by helping our clients implement effective waste management strategies and optimize recycling programs. Ready to start the conversation?

Serving Local Governments Since 1991

Our success is your success. We've been providing personalized support for cities, counties, and special districts for over 30 years.