SB 1383 is landmark legislation that competely revamps the solid waste management landscape. Jurisdictions are mandated to implement prescribed programs and provide oversight and enforcement. 

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Efficient & Effective Compliance

SB 1383: A Statewide Effort to Reduce Methane Emissions

In September 2016, California enacted Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), which set methane emissions reduction targets for the state. SB 1383 regulations took effect in 2022 and required jurisdictions to implement mandatory organic waste collection, edible food recovery, and procurement of recycled organics products. While the regulations are very prescriptive and jurisdiction have many "must-do" directives, there is still the need to personlize your compliance approach, delegate responsibilities to control costs, and work effectively. That is where we come in as your "compliance efficiency experts".

SB 1383 Establishes the Benchmarks

Cities need to localize SB 1383 madates to create a compliance approach that is sustainable. Resources and efforts should be focused and coordinated to achieve prescribed benchmarks in a commonsense manner. That is what we've helped local jurisdictions do since 1991. No learning curve with CityGreen Consulting.


Methane Emissions

Establishing collection programs for organic waste and edible food is the mandated first step. Goal accomplishment requires monitoring, right-sizing services, and providing education and technical assistance along the way. You must establish ways to track and report reductions. Simply providing the programs will not ensure compliance.


Generator Awareness

SB 1383 required significant revisions to your code of ordinances to cover all types of generators. How you make them aware of new requirments and how well you ensure they get the message and buy in to the overall goal is key. Website and social media messaging are great tools, but targeted technical assistance will likely be needed to change behaviours.



Good fences make good neighbors. This old saying applies to SB 1383 compliance. Sustaining programs requires good reporting mechanisms, effective monitoring, and an enforcement approach that effects positive change as opposed to penalties. We've sustained compliance programs for 30+ years and have proven monitoring and reporting systems ready to deploy.

SB 1383 | Develop or Optimize Your Program

Ready to increase efficiency and reach compliance?

CityGreen Consulting has already assisted a number of local California governments with all the necessary components of SB 1383 compliance. We'd be happy to assess your compliance status and make recommendations.

How it Works

In most cases our clients know the problem they face and are looking for an effective solution. The "Green" in CityGreen stands for managing financial as well as natural resources. We develop affordable and sustainable solutions. Often we are able to create revenues to help our clients manage compliance challenges.

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We welcome the opportunity to meet and see where we can help. We will respond to RFP and RFQ solicitations but love the opportunity to earn your business by showing what we can do with a small scope of work on a specific challenge you face.

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Personalized Solution

We develop solutions that fit your specific needs. Nothing more, nothing less. We won't fix what is working well. We will focus on developing a solution to provide maximum benefit in a cost-effective manner. That's why our clients stay with us. Some for over 30 years.

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Peace of Mind

We produce a solution that works. Our clients typically have multiple responsibilities and we pride ourselves on giving them one less thing to worry about.

Let's Make Your City Green

Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience in waste management compliance. We have a deep knowledge of State regulations, the waste management industry, and how to optimize resources.