Understanding regulations is vital, but effective consulting requires understanding your client and their goals more than anything else.

Our Philosophy

First and foremost we strive to be a trusted resource. This requires us to be knowledgeable, collabrative, and honest. There are often multiple ways to acheive a goal. Our job is to consistently find the approach that works best for the client. 

Michael Balliet

Michael Balliet is the founder and principal consultant of CityGreen Consulting. He has over 30 years of experience as a consultant and auditor for local governments in California, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

He began his consulting career in California in 1991, when AB 939 and State landfill reduction mandates were new. He quickly gained a reputation for his innovative solutions and his ability to work closely with clients to develop and implement effective compliance programs. This included some of the first multiple-hauler franchise and permit systems in the State.

In addition to working with nearly 100 local governments, Mr. Balliet managed the solid waste system for his alma mater, reducing their program costs by over 50% and helping establish a university-run solid waste collection program. He also established a food waste recycling program for the Disneyland Resort in the mid-1990s and helped some of the largest businesses in California develop recycling and cost-saving waste management programs.

Mr. Balliet has an excellent record as an auditor, helping clients recover well over $2 million in franchise fees, both in his own practice and through a joint venture with MuniServices.

On the weekends you can find Mike golfing and spending time with his family.

UC Irvine | Economics
32 Years | Owner/Partner of Environmental Consulting Practices

Michael Byrne

Mike Byrne is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in municipal government and solid waste management. With a 30-year career, he has demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise in managing and enhancing municipal solid waste management programs.

Mike's impressive track record includes 26 years as a lead analyst, overseeing the planning and implementation of city solid waste and recycling service delivery and compliance programs. His multifaceted expertise encompasses pivotal areas within the realm of municipal solid waste management, including program development and refinement, solid waste contracts, grant awards, project management, and a deep understanding of California's solid waste regulations. Mike continues to advocate for sustainable and efficient solid waste management practices, contributing to the betterment of communities and the environment.

UC Irvine | BA in Political Science
30 Years in Municipal Government & Solid Waste Field

Andrew Playford

Andrew Playford, with a unique background that includes a successful ballet career, brings a blend of skills and innovation to waste management. He currently focuses on pivotal roles like leading SB 1383 exemption processes, conducting rigorous waste hauler audits, spearheading waste composition studies, optimizing hauler routes, and fostering robust constituent relations.His expertise in SB 1383 compliance, particularly exemption rollouts, positions him as a trusted authority in this complex arena. Andrew's unwavering commitment to positive constituent relations underscores his dedication to the environmental and sustainability sector.With a Bachelor of Science in Ballet and Environmental & Sustainability Studies from Indiana University, Andrew's diverse journey and skill set make him an exceptional professional in waste management, poised to advance sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Indiana University Bloomington | Bachelor of Science, Environmental & Sustainability Studies

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